When was the last time you had an Epiphany in your life? You know … a revelation of God in your presence. It seems a fair question to ask since we are now basking in the post-Christmas season of Epiphany. So, when was the last time you saw God at work in your life …. Or somewhere else in this world?

Our lectionary story from the gospels this week is about curiosity, courage, and the willingness to “Come, and see.” What if …. Someone told you that the person who can answer all your needs and fill you with the happiness and satisfaction you’ve always been looking for …. Is right over the hillside, or right around the corner, or perhaps, standing at the entrance to your heart …. And He is saying to you: “Come …. And see.”

Would you go? Or maybe the better question is, will you go? Will you come to Epiphany this year expecting to see God made visible in your midst. In our story for this Sunday, 2 young followers of John the Baptist find themselves in a precarious situation. All those things they had been hoping for and praying for, have arrived. Their trusty leader John, who has brought them out of religious rigidity and smugness, and has baptized them in water, now says to them … He has arrived. And He is right over yonder.

Would you go, and see? Andrew, and the other disciple did. They took off immediately to discover this new thing God was doing. And when they arrived at the place where “God” was, they were presented with a question: “What are you looking for?” Or, “what are you seeking?” Or, “what has motivated you to seek something new in your life?”

As we learn in the story, Andrew and his fellow disciple were not prepared for this question, so they answered His question with one of their own: “Where are you staying.” Jesus says in response, “Come … and see.”

They did.

Will you? Will you go off to an unknown destination to see what God has to offer you … Your family …. Your church? Will you be willing to open your heart and “see” and “hear” in new ways? Will you go to see … and will you stay, to discover something entirely new, from God, for you?

The season of Epiphany this year is our call to our own spiritual destiny. Each one of us is being pointed the way and told to seek and find. Imagine the 2 disciples in our story, suddenly taking off on foot with all due speed, tripping over each other and running just fast enough to be out of control, just to see what they’ve been waiting for their whole lives. 

And us? Jesus asks … what are you seeking in your life? And we ask back … Teacher, where are you staying? And Jesus urges us … “Come and see.”

What else are we to do?

And so, we go ….

To where? Only time will tell ….

Over the hill and through the woods … to see what God has done,

Pastor Bob <><