THREE BICYCLES A Poetic Reflection by Pastor Bob

3 men’s bicycles

standing together

in the front yard

of the duplex on the corner.


Not often seen

attracts my attention

and then wondering begins.


Why are these 3 bikes here?

Whose are they?

What could they mean?


But perhaps better yet

who is it that would ponder

such deeply profound questions?

And I’m so glad I did …


… stop to notice

… and wonder

… and be blessed.

These three things could make a life.


Each of these bikes … a life

not make believe nor hypothetical

All 3 God’s own

like us

yet not.


3 bikes

one for each

who fled from home

seeking refuge

in ours.


Separated from their only ones who really matter

in midst of great uncertainty

and death

with fearful hearts.


Each bike a life

a hope

for good life

safe secure settled home.


Not yet though

adjustment first

this means Arthur

for three men and their bikes.


Here is home for now.

Welcome neighbors.


Men of empires start wars

flaunt their might

destroy lives.


But people of God

respond to wars

rebuild lives

offer God’s peace.



People of God

in our midst

called to respond

as Jesus taught.


3 bicycles

3 men

3 neighbors

3 lives of hope.





as Yourself.