On June 21, 1971, this cover appeared on Time Magazine. It immediately became my favorite cover! Even though I didn’t attend church and had never read the Bible, I was becoming captivated by the person named Jesus. Until this cover appeared, I had never considered that there could be a revolution in his name that would change the world.  But from June 1971 till this very day, I do believe in that revolution.  I believe that it is happening every day, and I believe that one day it will completely consume the sinful and egotistical ways of the secular world and establish a new “kingdom” that will lead us straight to God.  The only question that really remains is what part I will play (and you), if any, in the revolution. Because the way I see it – either you’re all in … or you’re not in at all.  This is a reprint of an article I wrote a few years ago in Dry Ridge, KY. It’s called:  “THE FOOLISH AND RIDICULOUS REVOLUTION OF JESUS CHRIST” Saint Francis of Assisi was noted to have said, “The Lord said he wished me to be a fool, the like of which was never seen before.” I believe, as I know many others do, that the Jesus revolution that the world is waiting for will come gently from a small band of Christian fools who are willing to overthrow the established order by rearranging their lives around the life of Christ. And their lifestyles will be shaped by the gospel of Jesus Christ. I aspire to be one of those “Fools for Christ!” To the fool, Brennan Manning once wrote, Jesus Christ is not a sage or a starry-eyed reformer; He is author of a new creation: “I am making everything new,” He said. (Rev. 21:5) He did not come to tidy up the world or to refashion us into nicer people with better morals, but to re-make us into brand new creations. (2Cor. 5:17) I know such foolishness leads to havoc in the church because I witness the fear that is aroused, the rumors that are circulated, and the advice that is given to “settle down a little,” Some even use the term religious “fanatic.”  And that’s all A-OK with me, just so you know. Jesus was known as the master offender of the religious order of His day, and if “Christians” aren’t offended by the “Fools for Christ” then we must not be being very revolutionary – and that would be a bad sign for us! Perhaps you may be, or aspire to be, a “Fool for Christ” as well, and become part of the foolish and ridiculous revolution of Jesus Christ. To that I say, welcome aboard! But … if there is ANY other priority in your personal or professional life more important than the Lordship of Jesus Christ – then you are automatically disqualified from serving as a witness to the gospel and from membership in this gentle revolution.  You see, with Jesus, it’s either “all in” or “not in.”     Not a just a fan today … but a follower, and a fool, for Jesus Christ,
Pastor Bob