Pentecost Sunday ~ Vine Street Christian Church ~ 5.23.21

(Ponder this: this ancient but well-preserved epistle was found in the year 2414; in a clay urn; on  sheets of 8 ½ X 11 white bond papyrus; written in black printer ink that was common for the day. It was  discovered by a young boy tending his rabbits, who happened to wander into the ancient grounds of the  original Vine Street church. It is believed that the document was written in 2021, during the first phase of  the takeover by the Holy Spirit of this small but powerful church in Arthur.) 

(Or … was it?) 

Book of Acts: Chapter 2,648: Verses 1-4  

When the day of Pentecost came, there was a great sense of relief among the  congregation. The global pandemic was winding down, and on this very day the chief  moderator told the church that it was time to open. Thus, perhaps more than had been the  case in recent decades, there was a hopeful anticipation in the sanctuary the God’s favor  was finally making itself known again to God’s people. 

And so it was, that on this memorable day in the life of the Vine Streeters in Arthur,  and also in the life of all who were watching via the internet, they were all together in one  place. Both physically … and spiritually.  

On this day of the Lord, the Holy Spirit had already filled up the sacred space for  worship by the time the worship planner and church pastor arrived early in the morn. Then  the flames of candles – like the flames that shoot out of a canon at launch – caught the wind  of the place, and rode it all around the spaces of the church and into the hearts of those  present.  

Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a mighty wind came from heaven and filled the  whole place where they were sitting. As the angels led the people in song, the mystical  reality of the real presence of the Spirit of the Living God showed itself to all in that place  that day … and to those watching live.  

As the songs led into the prayers, the prayer elder of the church read aloud – before  God and in the presence of God’s people – each and every name in the church’s book of  need. They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each  of them.  

Then God became visible to those gathered in the fullness of the Holy Trinity. The  water of God revealed to us that God is indeed everywhere, and that we cannot live without  it. The ice of God revealed to us that God loves us so much that God became one of us, came  to abide with us, and then completed our assurance of forgiveness by dying for us. And third,  the God of their time and of ours … the steam of the Holy Spirit … revealed to us that God  can now be within and all around all those who seek to know God. No exceptions – steam  permeates everything and everybody.  

Because of the power of the Holy Spirit in the church on that day, all those present and  watching were infused with that spiritual truth of divine love, and immediately and forever  understood that God’s love was now available to all God’s precious children, through all  time.  

With the partaking of the elements by the assembled flock, each and every pilgrim  was consumed by the Holy Spirit, and began to think about, and speak about, their fellow  believers and everyone else across the globe in a new and different way. It was promised to  us by the Holy Spirit that God’s divine love can overcome any other feeling, emotion, opinion  and prejudice of any other person that instinctually latches onto our mind and is assumed by  us to be truth. All that’s a product of the self-will, an extremely powerful force in the lives of  Americans in the 21st century. But on this day, things changed: hearts were penetrated and  transformed; and Divine love was poured out on the souls of the people, and there was no  going back. 

Sisters and Brothers, this is a description of the day in 2021 that we now mark as the  beginning of the Jesus revival era. Just like in the 1st century, this revival began with a small  band of spirit seekers and soul diggers who had been touched deeply by God’s Spirit and  knew that the rest of their lives would be about giving their one precious life to God. With  that as their launching pad, the little church at Vine Street in Arthur, Illinois, began a journey 

that would begin a new Christ-like era of praising, worshipping, and serving God – all of it  Spirit-fed, and all of it Spirit-led.  

It’s Time! Catch the Spirit!  

~ Pastor Bob <><