Lost & Found

FOR THIS SUNDAY: READ LUKE 15: 11-32.                                                                                       Pay close attention to each of the 3 main characters.                                                           Based on their words and actions, try to determine what’s going on inside each of them from a spiritual perspective as the story unfolds.

Have you ever been, or are you now, lost … spiritually?

I can distinctly remember some of the times when I was physically lost as a kid; there’s a whole lot of fear in those memories. Example: I went off hiking by myself, age 8, at a big family picnic when I suddenly realize that I had no idea where I was or which way I came from. It’s that moment right there … the reality of knowing you’re lost … that sends chills down my spine even today. I was lost! And no one knew it … so no one was looking for me.

Even as I write this, I am remembering more of those “being lost” moments I experienced as a kid. I bet you have some too.

As we grow up, we don’t get lost as much as we used to. Not physically lost anyway. And now, in a world of GPS and step tracking and self-driving cars, perhaps the days of “getting lost” in the old sense of the word will be over. After all, it takes some real work to find a place in the world today where you don’t know where you are, and neither does anyone else.

But we all know that there is another way of getting “lost” in the world. It’s more like getting “lost” from yourself. You’d think that would be easy to discover … that you’re lost from yourself … but in fact it’s just the opposite. It’s hardly noticeable to ourselves when we are spiritually lost, although those closest to us may notice something is changing.

Some of the symptoms of being lost from yourself could be a feeling of emptiness or dryness inside, where God usually takes residence. Right in the middle of your gut! It’s hard to define, but you’ll know something is missing in there when you’re lost.

Another symptom of being lost from yourself can be an annoyance, or irritation, with people around you. Over time, when we’re without a God relationship, we lose some of the best parts of our personality, and grow new parts that aren’t as nice. Have you noticed yourself feeling that way?

And finally, one symptom that I’ve noticed with myself, is when the faith-specific things in my life … like reading the Bible, going to church, praying, listening to Christian radio, etc. … aren’t connecting with me in my heart. It can feel like there’s a disconnect, or a blown fuse perhaps. Nothing is being absorbed, it seems like. And, when this symptom happens, we’re adding more to our feelings of emptiness, and we’re back where we started. But still lost.

That’s not an easy way to live!

There is another Way! But that requires first “knowing you’re lost,” followed closely by “believing there is a remedy.” It’s true, you know. But if you doubt, you are not alone. Certainly, a majority of people in our country are lost and far from home. And we all are at different times on our own journeys.

Sometimes, do you feel lost and empty in some way deep inside?

Do you ever feel like you’ve lost that person you always wanted to be?

Can you feel God in your midst on a regular basis, or is there still too much between you and God?

This Sunday we’ll learn about a guy who got lost, spiritually, and yet was able to find himself … when he came home to his father.

Come join us this Sunday … live or on Facebook or YouTube. Come meet the Prodigal. And then meet his father. The remedy.

Blessings to all of us traveling on our spiritual paths …

Pastor Bob <><