Dear Vine Street Christian Church Family,


The tree decorating season has come to our church, and we are creating our own church family Christmas tree.  

The Worship Team invites ALL of our VSCC family and friends to bring a personal favorite or a special family ornament. Or, make an ornament during worship, Or, just bring in a used French fry bag. It won’t matter. Be creative. Or not.

It’s going to look great on our tree.

Bring your ornament(s) starting this Sunday!

And YES, you will get yours back, starting Dec. 26th.

  Reflections on Christmas Trees:

Have you noticed the beautiful Christmas tree in our Sanctuary? It’s up in the overflow space, or what we are beginning to call, “the heavenly loft.” I love where it stands; in the front corner of the loft, serving as a bridge of light connecting the loft and the lower pews. But most of all, I love how it reflects so brightly on our prayer wall. It’s a beautiful sight!

 Our VSCC Family Christmas tree resembles, a bit, the “Charley Brown” Christmas tree featured above. Remember how that tree in the picture started out? A tiny twig. And now look what it has become today. And especially notice those around the tree. Folks – that’s a happy group of people. Indeed, I think it’s beyond happy. That is what Joy looks like.

 You see, a true “Christmas” tree is a lot more than just a decorated tree (real or not) with ornaments and lights. A Family Christmas Tree looks like that smile of pure satisfaction on Charlie Brown’s face. It sounds like a joyous chorus of peanuts singing in perfect harmony. And, for some mysterious reason, it has a Spirit that penetrates all in its range.

 And that would be the “Spirit of Christmas.” Can’t really put it in words. Hard to describe. Creates Joy in your heart. And, brings you closer to your Lord, who is just about ready to be born in your heart … if there is any room in your inn.

 O’ VSCC Family Christmas Tree,

O’ VSCC Family Christmas Tree,

How brightly shines your Spirit.

 Happy Advent & Joyful Christmas

Pastor Bob <><