Growing Plans

Some ideas and options to consider for your new “growth strategy” with Jesus

          Where is your next “on ramp” to grow deeper into love with Jesus? Here are some ideas for thought. Please take a look. Consider which one’s appeal to you. Come up with some of your own ideas.

  • Podcast Club – individuals watch the same podcast about a chosen topic and then gather periodically (biweekly; monthly; etc.) to discuss and share.
  • The Outsiders – a modified weekly “worship service” held at a setting outside of church and at a time convenient to attendees (e.g.: Sunday evening).
  • Parents Night Out – Volunteers will care for toddlers, children and youth one evening a month (Friday or Saturday) so that parents can enjoy a “night out” alone together.
  • 12-Step/Support Groups – a confidential and safe group to share experiences, strength and hope with others who have or are currently going through the same challenges of everyday life.
  • VSCC Podcasts – Podcasts (biweekly; monthly, etc.) from us that could cover a range of topics or formats. (alternative platforms could include YouTube or Zoom.
  • Youth Excursions – monthly or bimonthly trips to concerts; events; interesting sites, movies and a meal, sporting event, etc.
  • Daily Devotions – a daily offering of spiritual support that could pertain to the period of the Christian year (e.g.; Advent) or a book of the Bible or just a short spiritual listen for the day.
  • Prayer Hikes – weather permitting, a monthly walk in the woods (or somewhere else) together in the glory of God’s creation.
  • Movie Night – monthly movie and snacks (popcorn!) at church. Movies could be for popular entertainment; documentaries; or religious-themed.
  • Retreat – overnight excursion to interesting or desirable location for respite, fellowship and spiritual growth.
  • Sunday Morning “Village” – an organized gathering on Sundays before the worship service to teach, craft, share, eat, etc. (ideas welcome!)
  • Weekly Sit – a gathering of folks to come together and decompress. A shared time of quiet, solitude, silence, and “sitting” for the hyperactive, the strung out, the exhausted, and you!
  • Bible Study – a weekly; biweekly; or monthly group that studies a book of the Bible or contemporary biblical issues and meets wherever is most convenient to attendees (homes; coffee shop; church, etc.).
  • “Jocks for Jesus” – a regular gathering of youth and coaches from our area with a focus on faith and sports (speakers; food; competition; etc.).

Most importantly, what are your ideas, thoughts, or suggestions?

Which days and times would be most convenient for you?

What is your greatest spiritual need right now?

What is one thing VSCC could offer that would help you most?

Please share your thoughts with me and with others. Let’s see where God opens up the next doors for us …

           In His service, Pastor Bob <><