A clear-cut winner emerged from yesterday’s election! This was an underdog candidate  that spent virtually nothing for campaign ads and media buys. It is possible that this is the most  well-known candidate that nobody even knows about. And yet, when he wins, the winner is  actually us! And that’s not just another political cliché. 

As we woke on Wednesday morning, after a very uncertain Tuesday, the final results  were still there waiting for us … did you know that? … just as they are every single morning of  our lives. 

So many things in the world can shift and shimmy, causing great destruction and  suffering, especially for the people who are on, or near, the margins. Plus, in this time of a  global pandemic and movements for deep change erupting in our streets, we feel powerless and  our lives seem unmanageable. But the God waiting for us every morning, who can change all  this pressure and worry to peace and serenity, is the very same God we had waiting for us  yesterday, and that will be waiting for us tomorrow. The truth of these results is that they are  undeniable and unchangeable. Folks – this IS the final result! 

So, (drum roll, please!) here are the results: 

Today’s Election Results:  

1) Our God is still the Ruler of Heaven and Earth, and always will be.  2) Jesus Christ is still the King of the World, and always will be. 

Tomorrow’s Election Results:  

(see Today’s Election Results) 

Keep repeating … 

Trust me! I know these results to be true, because I walk by faith, not by sight! (2 Cor.  5:7) On the other hand, don’t trust me. I’m just a pastor; a pilgrim trying to follow Jesus to the  best of my ability every day; and a mangy old sheepdog helping to herd the flock for our Good  Shepherd.  

Perhaps you did what I did Election night: spent a lot of mindless hours looking at  statistics on TV that were as slippery as elm, used by the networks to always position their  preferred candidate in the most favorable light. Not time well spent! Anyway, the actual results  about who rules over my life and who has sole authority over me had already been confirmed  and certified. See “Today’s Election Results” above.  

Did you notice? Americans were unusually fired up for this presidential election. Even in  the time of Covid-19, the campaign’s found the money and the means to constantly be in the  face of the voters, on a daily basis – so it seemed. Our God doesn’t work that way. God isn’t  running a political campaign. The truth about God is that God never leaves you. God doesn’t  need to make campaign stops and personal appointments … because God never leaves! God is  always there! And that is very good news, because God is just the winner we need. What God  has to offer is not based on any promotional campaign, but rather on a compelling attraction  between God’s Son, Jesus, and you!  

I suppose we may know the winner of the presidential race sometime this week. Don’t  expect too much. American politics has a long history of disappointing us, and I don’t see  anything changing for those on or near the margins.  

But there is always that other option … you know, the eternal winner who can bring that  undefeated record straight into your life. Maybe this is just the time for an adjustment in whom and what we make priorities in our life; fallible, limited rulers of provinces and principalities  who can build all the roads and bridges they want, and never save the soul of even one person.  Really?  

Think about the rest of this week. You can obsess about the crowning of the next  American President and anxiously wait for a “winner,” or you can crown the winner in your life  today. There’s no waiting for this ruler. God is already there, just waiting on you! And, there’s  no proving yourself or changing who you are for this King. Jesus is the King of the World, but  most importantly for me … and for you … Jesus is our Lord & Savior!  

Post-Election Blessings! 

Pastor Bob <><