Becoming a Person of Spiritual Wisdom Part II

Now that the previous Vision article on “Becoming a person of Spiritual Wisdom” has been soaking in our soul for a couple weeks, let us now turn to Part II. Part I taught us about the process of developing spiritual wisdom, and it informed us of the 7 concepts that are the foundation for becoming a person of spiritual wisdom. Each one of the concepts are essential to your personal spiritual quest, and to our spiritual walk together as a church … a beloved community … a tribe of Jesus followers … and a family of faith! And yet, each one of us has our own unique path into this realm of divine glory – and it’s a lifelong journey.


We will now present a summary of the most important features about each concept. But before we start, I want to remind you why these concepts and the journey to become a person of spiritual wisdom is so vital to our life here on earth. To be blunt, all of us reading this article share one divine calling from God in this life … it’s the one thing that God gifted us with that provides the remedy and sometimes, the cure, for everything in the world that is not part of God’s plan. That calling is God’s call for you to live spiritually first, and worldly second. And the double blessing of that is that when you put the spiritual pursuit first, then all of the other pursuits become better, sometimes in miraculous ways! 


Here is a a line I wrote in Part I that I think will be motivation to you as a Christian and a follower of Jesus:


“Without spiritual wisdom, it is not possible to absorb, interpret, or understand what the teachings of Jesus and scripture mean.”



  1. Becoming a person of spiritual wisdom is a matter of learning.


  • Learning is the only possible way to become a person of spiritual wisdom.


  • To become a person of spiritual wisdom is the end result of a personal journey – not a sudden and dramatic acquisition, nor imposed by or borrowed from another person. 


  • The task of becoming a person of spiritual wisdom is open to anybody who wishes to pursue it. 


  • Once initiated, the matter of learning becomes an unending quest to the end. 



  1. Becoming a person of spiritual wisdom requires an “unbending intent.” 


  • Having “unbending intent” means having a self-will that can muster up all its powers with the sole focus being to propel you forward on your lifelong journey of becoming a person of spiritual wisdom.


  • Unbending intent is composed of 1) frugality, 2) sound judgment, and 3) willingness to stick with the necessary processes and procedures of the timeless spiritual exercises.


  • Frugality – refers to the need for a person on this path to focus largely on the spiritual journey they have undertaken, and become frugal with one’s time and resources regarding the everyday activities of life. 


  • Sound Judgment – refers not to common sense, but rather to one’s ability and willingness to apply their evolving wisdom capacity when assessing the circumstances and situations of daily life, before acting.          


  • Willingness to Stick to the Plan – refers to the ability to resist when your self-will tells you that there are easier and simpler ways of doing the things that the pursuit of becoming a person of spiritual wisdom requires – one must stick with the traditions and practices of our elders … including our predecessors from thousands of years ago.   



  1. Becoming a person of spiritual wisdom brings clarity to your mind. 


  • Gaining clarity to your mind will secure a sense of direction in your life.


  • Clarity of mind will continuously reaffirm and validate the decision to take this “unending quest” of becoming a person of spiritual wisdom. 


  • Clarity of mind helps one to remain fluid in their life, and not so sterile and stiff.


  • And clarity of mind allows us to understand that there is a specific purpose for every action in the world, and knowing this gives us the ability to continually grow our own wisdom capacity.



  1. Becoming a person of spiritual wisdom is a matter of strenuous labor. 


  • A person of spiritual wisdom needs to possess or develop an all-around capacity for exertion, but not necessarily physical.


  • “Strenuous labor” refers to 1) making a firm and full embrace of the pursuit, sometimes requiring rather dramatic displays of commitment; 2) the ability to achieve a desired result or meet a goal at each step along the journey; 3) meeting the challenge.


  • Full exertion may seem at times like acting, but actually it is the result of a profound state of belief that one has been acquiring along the path.  


  1. Becoming a person of spiritual wisdom makes you a spiritual   “warrior.” 


  • To be a spiritual warrior is a form of self-discipline that emphasizes personal spiritual growth … other personal interests not compatible with this pursuit should be reduced to a minimum.


  • Leading a warrior’s life provides the way to achieve emotional stability.


  • A spiritual warrior respects everything in life related to the purpose of becoming a person of spiritual wisdom and gains the wisdom to place all things in life in a meaningful perspective.


  • Spiritual warriors learn to be “wide awake” in life and filled with a self-confidence that allows one to see the truth that becomes wisdom, which then becomes power. 



  1. Becoming a person of spiritual wisdom is an unceasing process.


  • To become a person of spiritual wisdom is not a condition of permanency … and it’s a task that can never be fully achieved in this life. 


  • The unceasing process is comprised of 1) the realization that one must continuously renew the quest; 2) the comprehension of one’s own impermanency; and 3) the realization that one must follow the path with the heart leading.


  • The unceasing process will ask you to find a path with your heart, and and then travel it’s length – the journey alone is sufficient. 



  1. Becoming a person of spiritual wisdom requires an “ally” – known to us as the Holy Spirit.


  • To have the Holy Spirit as your ally is the single most important concept, and the only one capable of explaining what it means to become a person of spiritual wisdom. 


  • The Holy Spirit provides one with a power capable of transporting a person beyond the ordinary limits of their self – and can allow one to transcend the realm of ordinary reality.


  • Having the Holy Spirit as your ally makes one different from those “ordinary” folks who don’t.


  • The Holy Spirit 1) is formless; 2) is perceived as a quality, not as a person or creature; 3) can be embraced and molded into our own distinctive person that we each are; and 4) provides us with a “Way” of life (an exact reflection of the life of Jesus) that calls us to abide by and fully embrace.


Special acknowledgement again goes to Carlos Castaneda and his book “The Teachings of Don Juan,” from which my words above were inspired.  


Looking forward to joining everyone along the spiritual path ahead of us!

Pastor Bob <><