I’ll be at Junior High baseball practice today
Players and coaches masking up
But what are the young players really scared of?
That baseball is really hard!
Standing in the batter’s box, that’s all they can think of
It’s really hard!
It’s one thing to hit a ball off a tee
And it’s another thing to have a coach throw pitches to you
But … to have one of the other players … one of my buddies ….
Standing on the mound and preparing to launch one really hardball
Right at me …
Well now, that’s a whole new ball game
Even with the helmet, and elbow pad, and a bat in the hand
It still causes one to shiver to know that ball is heading at you
Because it’s a really hard ball! Heading at you
Now that’s scary
You know what else is scary?
A highly contagious but invisible virus is scary
It’s kind of like that hardball – only you can’t see it
And the helmet won’t protect you from it
Nor does the elbow pad
And even more so than those young pitchers firing that hardball –
This virus can come from any angle
And hit you without any feeling
So, it’s even scarier than a hardball coming straight at you
And the harm it can do could be worse than any bruise
So, here is how we practice
We keep 6 feet between us all the time
That’s like wearing a helmet into the batter’s box
And we wear masks whenever we need to
And that’s better than any elbow pad
We check our temps every day, use sanitizer, and wash our hands
We never let our guard down
Because we never know when or where the virus might come at us
And then, having taken all the necessary precautions
We take our place in the batter’s box
And watch that hardball being thrown toward us
And as soon as it reaches home plate
It’s time to swing
And the ball sails over the fence
And all is well on the ball diamond
So remember these 4 things
6 feet separation
Mask up
Wash hands, rinse, repeat
Knock a homer!
Let’s play ball!
Peace, Love & Baseball Pastor Bob