Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. Last Sunday in our morning worship service, we had multitudes of people raise their hand and make a commitment to become a true disciple of Christ. They have decided that being a “Christian” in our culture is not enough for Jesus, and they want to live up to the call from Him that asks us to “do the hard stuff” and live up to the “commands” of the Sermon on the Mount. This Sunday we begin that journey to discipleship together by initiating a new sermon series. For the next 8 weeks, we will be going back to the beginning of The Bible and walking through the first 12 chapters of The Book of Genesis.  This is a walk intended to enlighten us about the work of God in our lives and the eternal reality of Jesus Christ – from before the beginning to this very moment. Many “Christians” have read the Book of Genesis in a manner that does not teach the eternal and universal truths that it contains. Genesis is not a book of history that tells us when the world began. Genesis is not a book of science that tell us how the world began. Instead, Genesis is a book of truths that are “bigger” than either history or science can contain. The authors of the Genesis are teaching us the eternal and universal truths about God, God’s creation, and the relationship between the two. This Sunday – Week 1 of the “In the Beginning” series – we will be walking through Genesis 1:1 – 2:4a together. I encourage you to take some time this week and read through this text. Spend some time with it. Think about what it is really teaching us about God, ourselves, and the relationship between the two. Try not to read with any preconceived notions about what it says and what it means. Go into this as a blank slate that God can fill with new insights. Leave your urge to interpret the text to your silent prayer and meditation after you have read it all.  As you go through this scripture, here are 7 concepts from the text to focus on or think about as you prepare for the message this Sunday:

  • PRE-HISTORY – Who is telling us this story; how could there be any witnesses, especially before there were any people; what is the point of this first creation story?
  • COVENANT RELATIONSHIP – As God creates, what kind of relationship is God establishing with God’s creation; what are the expectations God has for the relationships and what are the obligations; and finally, what are the consequences for breaking the terms of the relationship?
  • PROMISE – is there an unqualified promise from God to God’s creation; is there a way to completely break free from God?
  • IN THE BEGINNING, GOD – What was there before “the beginning”; What was God doing before God created; and why did God create anyway?
  • 6 DAYS – How did “creation” actually happen; what was it like; was it perfect – or were there imperfections or mistakes?
  • GENESIS 1:27 – what does this verse say about human beings; how are we supposed to live; and what is our purpose in this world?
  • SABBATH – If God supposedly gave us a “day of rest,” whatever happened to it; how can we rest when we live in this world of chaos, violence and fear; aren’t people depending on me to get some more work done?

So, disciples in training, this is your homework: READ GENESIS 1:1 – 2:4a And come to church this Sunday ready to learn about the 1st book of the Bible as if you’ve never learned about it before!  Peace & Grace, Pastor <>< Bob