A Day In the Life: Arthur-Town

          Sung to the tune of “Penny Lane” by Lennon & McCartney

(Here is the music if you want to sing along: https://youtu.be/MpUbXg7UQpk )


Down on the Vine there is a barber with the gentle touch

Who knows the hairs of every farmer all around

In and out, all day long, they go, just to get a mow,

And hope it grows …


Further down on the block is a flower shop

With every fudge you’d have desire to consume

And the flower girl never lacks, for a happy smile

All the while



Arthur town is in my eyes and in my heart

Fragrant in a way that smells so tart

I sit, and meanwhile back…


  On Vine, further down, there is an artist’s shop

With every art you’d have the need to ever want

The maestro keeps his classic keyboard there

It’s a show a day … everyday…



Arthur town is in my mind and in my heart

Streams of buggies roll around the park

Why can’t it be that way … everyday …


Across the way there is a man who knows his numbers well

He counts the beans and keeps us safe from federal law

He’s a jolly ole Illini fan, and he’s never sad …

or even mad …


On the alley Ryder cruises down the blessing path

From the tracks to the bank, he gives adults the slip

He likes to hand the people so much food

He’s becoming good … so cool … no really – cool!


Arthur town is in my blood and in my heart

Walk to here and there, and back to start

And that’s the way … it is everyday …


Peace to all … and blessings upon blessings,

Pastor Bob <><