• “You don’t have to like someone to love them.” Jesus teaches us to love all people, the same as He loved us. That means: our love for others should be unconditional, all-forgiving, and never-ending. Whether we like someone or not is not the question. Our self-will teaches us to like or dislike. God’s will teaches us to love first, whether we like or not.


  • Always find “the Way” to Yes! Have you noticed: Jesus never says “No” to anyone. How does He do that? Jesus gives us what we need, regardless of what we might be asking for. Jesus is “the Way” to Yes. There is always a way to serve someone with something they need, if you’re willing to look for the “Yes.”


  • If you’re too busy for God … then you are too busy! I heard once that if Satan wanted to prevent God’s people from worshiping God, then he would just keep them so busy that there would never be enough time for God. Is that what’s happening to us? To you? And you know whether you’re too busy on not – don’t you?


  • God’s people should never judge other people. (Matt. 7:1) That’s what God is for. Instead, God’s people are called to love each other first, and then bring the mercy. Remember, it’s the one who showed mercy that became known as the ‘Good Samaritan.” He didn’t take the time to make his own judgments, like the ones who ignored the man in the ditch and passed by. Billy Graham said one that it is God’s job to love; the Holy Spirit’s job to convict: and our job is to love. Let’s do our job. Let’s show the love and bring the mercy. Leave the judgment to God (and others!).


  • Welcome and embrace everyone. Do not exclude anyone. Whether we know it or not, we are all part of one family – God’s family. We are many different colors, languages & cultures, but we are all one in God. There are no enemies in God’s family. Everyone is invited to Christ’s banquet, though most decline the invitation. We should be the people who make sure that we “invite” the ones that have been shut out, ostracized, oppressed, and forgotten. Like Jesus, we should seek and find the ones in our life that need the love of Jesus more than anything else. Then show it to them. That’s all. Let God do the rest.


  • Spend more time looking for and listening to God. Jesus tells his disciples over and over that they must acquire the eyes to see and the ears to hear God. That doesn’t come natural to us. We need God’s help from the Holy Spirit to do this. This year, ask God for the eyes and ears that can see Jesus; that can hear Him; and that can know Him. Then, ask God for a heart that will trust Him.


  • Follow the “Law.” When all is said and done, Jesus gave us one law we could all live by. If we so choose. No one could, or can, keep the 10 Commandments of Moses on their own. So, God gave us a new law, the one that supersedes all other laws. His name is Jesus and His law is love. He teaches that all laws are vanquished by love. If you love God with all you have, and love your neighbor as yourself – then all the other Commandments and laws fall into place. Without that love … we can do nothing.

 Blessings on your journey – see you on the path! 

 Pastor Bob <><