14 Reasons (Right Off the Top of My Head) That I Like Arthur!

1) I like a town that embodies the message of this sign!

2) I like a town where you can feel the vibrations coming off the tracks when a train rolls through!

3) I like a town where you can tell the recess times at school by hearing the shouts and screams of the kids!

4) I like a town where, because of the Great Plains surrounding it, you can walk to see a clear-view sunrise in the morning, and you can walk to see a clear-view sunset in the evening! 

5) I like a town where walking or riding your bike to school is still cool!

6) I like a town where there’s only one pizza place – and it’s the very best; and where there’s only one barbeque place – and it’s also the very best!

7) I like a town that has a night crew that winds its way down the streets when everyone is sleeping, to pick up the day’s horse poop! 

8) I like a town where a high school student can play any or all sports she or he desires, and be in the band, and where everyone in town is a fan! 

9) I like a town that’s got an IGA grocery store smack-dab in the center of town, located in the middle of its main street, facing sideways! 

10) I like a town where there’s more to the “shopping” district than just a Casey’s, a Subway, and a Dollar General! 

11) I (am getting to) like a town that has stopped using the terms “right” and “left” for directions, and instead goes strictly with the directional signs God gave us: East, West, North and South! 

12) I like a town that has an industrial section that is literally IN town … as in, “I think I will go walk through the industrial section!”

13) I like a town that has more folks collectively riding bicycles, golf carts, scooters, motorcycles and lawn mowers, than cars!

14) I like a town where I can get to know not just a few members of my squirrel neighbors, but end up knowing, interacting with, and sharing meals daily with the entire squirrel tribe in town! 

Now … what about you? 

What unique things do you like about Arthur? I want to put together another list of YOUR favorite things. 

Please email your ideas to bobsilvanik@gmail.com and we’ll publish another list in a future edition. 

Faith, Hope & Love … but the greatest of these is Love … 

Pastor Bob <><