Greetings King Worshippers!

This Sunday is Palm Sunday — and we will all be blessed by a youth-led Palm Sunday worship experience. Among many other things, we will hear the traditional account of Jesus riding into Jerusalem from Matthew’s gospel, which unofficially begins in the Bible what we call Holy Week.

The week that we commemorate changed the world forever and ever. And, I believe that God is not done changing the world forever and ever. And, I’m praying God is not done changing me — if I’m only willing to allow it. Your will, Lord; Not mine.

Consider: How great and powerful do you want to be in this life? Pause for a moment and consider that question honestly. The Apostles James and John asked Jesus if they could be the greatest in the kingdom. Isn’t that what we all want? Only they were confused about who Jesus is.

The true Jesus showed them, and us, the way to be great in the Kingdom of God. On the first Palm Sunday, presumably in the presence of James and John, he asked 2 of his disciples to do the “donkey duty” for his entry into Jerusalem. He told them, go “take” two donkeys from that village over there and bring them back to me.

In other words, become horse thieves for Jesus! Surely, that’s not the kind of “greatness” James or John (or us), had (have) in mind! Or could it be exactly that? Could “greatness” come from being a donkey do-er?   

Reward yourself today. Give some thought to your life of faith – your relationship with Jesus — and how that impacts your daily life. How much peace is there in your daily life? Have you sensed tranquility lately? Do you have a feeling of meaning or purpose in your life today? When is the last time you did some donkey duty for Jesus? Or, are you expecting something a little different? A little more comfortable? A little less risky — and less embarrassing? Yeah — me too.

But James and John finally “got it.” The donkey duty lesson stuck with them. And eventually, their lives were completely dedicated to Jesus and his Kingdom. Donkey duty actually became their primary “Way” of life. And they received many “gifts” of the Holy Spirit, that many of us think impossible to receive in this world but, it’s not impossible.

James and John learned that. And ever since, those brothers never regretted that day when they left their nets and their father on the shore to follow a man who turned out to be way more than they could ever imagine, or even conceive of. It’s even hard to talk or write about the reality that is Jesus. Have you noticed? 

How could we possibly make Jesus the most important thing in our life? 

Let’s pray that these current days of holiness will reveal to us more of who Jesus really is. And then, don’t be surprised if you find yourself instinctively doing some unthinkable or irrational “donkey duty” for someone. A little more of Jesus, goes a long way towards happiness!

Palms all around! Pastor Bob