Have you ever listened to a tree?


Holly Worton has, and she “translates” for us the messages she receives from her trees in her book, “If Trees Could Talk: Life Lessons from the Wisdom of the Woods.” Holly is one of our 6 devotional authors that we are listening to for our “Daily Respite” devotional series. (All Daily Respite recordings are available at www.vinestreetchristianchurch.com under “Daily Devotions.) Below is Holly’s devotion from yesterday (Tuesday). In her book, Holly Worton offers both some opening remarks about each tree and how she found it, and closing reflections after the tree has finished speaking.

Below, I simply provide the transcription of what the Windmill Hill Hawthorn said to Holly.




“Windmill Hill Hawthorn”


You are correct in saying that this is your place.


      This is your home, this is your land, and this is where you belong. And in the same sense that this land is yours, this land is for you, you are for this land … everyone in this world has a land that is for them; where they feel connected, where they feel rooted, where they feel grounded, where they feel right, where it just feels like home. Regardless of whether they go out into Nature and connect with the natural land, some people may sense that one place is right for them, or not. But they can deepen that connection, they can deepen that relationship, they can deepen that deep sense of home by going to Nature around that place and connecting with it; connecting with the trees, connecting with the earth, connecting with the water, the sky, the wind, all of the elements.


      Many, many people have not yet found their abode, their comfortable place, their home, and their spot in the world. And this is sad – because everyone does have a place.


      We understand that people make decisions based on the practicalities of life; whether that be finding a job, proximity to family, friends, other things, practical things; but we would suggest that if you have not yet found your home, your place in the world; if you could just travel, visit, go to the places where your heart guides you. Whether that be the next town over the next country, or halfway around the world, if you feel drawn to a place; visit, experience, connect … and we understand that this sounds just a bit crazy, because again the practical brain comes in and says: I can’t afford that, I don’t have money for that, what if I want to go to a place that is, as you say, halfway around the world, and I just don’t have the money. We would like to suggest, again, that you put aside the practical thoughts, practical ideas, practical solutions, the practical problems, and simply allow yourself to dream.


If you have a place in mind, start connecting with it: by reading about this place, you can buy books about the place, you can read online, you can do searches, you can look at photographs, you can look at images, you can collect images, you can make a collage of all your favorite images of this place. And connect with this place on a digital level, on an intellectual level, by reading … and that will start the journey.


There is a reason you are drawn to some places.


And that does not necessarily mean that you have to move halfway around the world and live in this place – but perhaps, these are places that you could visit. And once you make the connection, you may find that it is easier for you to return to these places, and it is easier, and easier, for you to visit these places; and it is easier for you to return to these places, and it is easier for you to connect and feel the deep sense of belonging. That sense of, “I am home, I am here” that so many people crave.


And so, we would like to remind you, that perhaps this path starts for you by setting aside practical worries, and concerns and simply connect wherever you can by reading online, by reading books – connect, connect, connect. And perhaps you will find the ways, perhaps you will find the practical solutions, on how to get to these places and how to return to these places and how to perhaps even one day live in these places that you are drawn to. But it all starts with that intuitive nudge, that calling of the heart, as it connects to your heartland; to the place where you belong, to the place that feels like home, to the place of your abode, perhaps, perhaps not … but you will be surprised what happens when you answer that call.


This is all.


Note from Pastor Bob – actually, that is not all the Windmill Hill Hawthorn had to say to Holly that day. This tree had one more important lesson to suggest to all of us humans. That lesson will be featured in the Religion column of the Arthur-Graphic next Wednesday. I suggest we listen …


<>< Pastor Bob